He feeds his imagination by travelling around the world.
Roberto is mad about boats.
The organizer of the famous "Rencontre du Corsaire Ludique".
He’s behind many popular games such as "Gare à la toile", "Contrario", and "River Dragons".
Roberto Fraga
Roberto Fraga’s arm
Roberto is mad about boats Boat’s smoke Boat’s smoke Boat’s smoke
Roberto Fraga
Roberto Fraga Roberto Fraga

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Roberto Fraga

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He owns tons of games with special dice and/or miniatures (painted, of course).
Eric has been a fan of video games since forever.
Fan of the X-files, the X-men, and of Xenomorphs.
He owns the world’s most cowardly guinea pig.
Illustrator and visual artist for Repos Production.
Éric Azagury
Éric Azagury
Guinea Pig Oh! Oh!
Game dice
Eric Azagury is a fan of the X-files and of the X-men
Visual artist for Repos Production

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Éric Azagury

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